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Paris, the last evening

On our last evening in Paris we had a drink at the bar Le Kitch (thanks for the tip M!) and afterwards dinner at Ave Maria.


A Sunday with friends and food

I don't think I did much else than what you see in the pictures yesterday - eating, walking, drinking, taking pictures together with lovely friends. What did you do?


Friends from Moscow

Yesterday evening was a good one, Johan and I met Irina and her sweet husband for cupcakes and vodka before we went out for dinner. They brought a bear all the way from Russia (painted by Irina) and he was carrying a bottle of vodka in his belly. Irina and I have known eachother from flickr for many years and to finally meet face to face was so great!


Sandra's guide to: Berlin

I live in Berlin and get asked several times a day to give tips on where to go in this wonderful city. So, I put together this guide of some of my favourite places and I hope you will enjoy it! Please understand me right when I say I will not be able to answer any further questions :) There are a lot of things I don't know about, but I am sure a search engine can help you.

Those of you who follow my blog on a regular basis know that I love to go out for coffee, food and drinks. This guide will give you a few names of good places for coffee as well as some restaurants, bars and a couple of shops.

First, and -
M O S T   I M P O R T A N T :
The shoes! Whatever you do, don't forget to bring your most comfortable shoes. Berlin is huge (almost 10x larger than Paris), the blocks are enormous and you end up walking more than you expected. 50% of my visitors didn't listen to this and 100% of those have regretted it.

Other good-to-know information:
* Cash is king, many places don't accept credit cards.
* Tip good service, taxi drivers and hairdressers included.
* Public transportation is quite affordable and it's amazingly good. If you stay for a few days - buy a 7 day card (€28), with this you can bring a friend for free during nights 8pm-3am and the whole weekend (Friday 8pm - Monday 3am). There are also 1 day cards which take you all over the place for €6.50.
* Berlin is flat and you can rent bikes everywhere (approx €8-10 a day).
* Smoking is still allowed in many bars as long as they don't serve food.

In my opinion, Sunday is the best day of the week to be in Berlin. Shops are closed, flea markets are open, it's brunch day and everyone is very relaxed.

As for accomodation, I have one recommendation: Michelberger Hotel.

The guide is divided into 4 areas: Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Mitte & Kreuzberg. There is much more to discover in other areas of course!

So, let's start!
Please use a search engine to get more information, such as opening hours, maps etc.


SLÖRM (click), Danziger Strasse 53
Good coffee, yummy sandwiches and don't forget to go to the toilet - there is a nice surprise on your way there.

WOHNZIMMER (click), Lettestrasse 6
Café, bar & club. A very nice place to have a glass of wine with friends, especially daytime when it's not crowded.

BONANZA COFFEE HEROES (click), Oderberger Strasse 35
One of my absolute favourite places for really good coffee.

GODSHOT (click), Immanuelkirchstrasse 32
Coffee coffee coffee!

SI AN (click), Rykestrasse 36
Really good Vietnamese food in a pretty restaurant.

BABEL (click), Kastanienallee 85
Lebanese food, I often get asked where to have a good halloumi plate and this is one of the places. The place itself is very crowded with tourists though.


AUNT BENNY (click), Oderstrasse 7 (enter Jessnerstrasse)
OK. This is my favourite breakfast in the whole city. Only available on weekends. You can't really see it in this picture, but the cheese selection is great. Coffee is good too, not to mention the sweets. All in all, this is my favourite café in this city.

MARU (click), Rigaer Strasse 74
Once upon a time I found this restaurant "by accident". It is still my best find! Great Korean food, great sushi, great staff. This is where I love to go very late on a weekday.

Every Saturday it's food market. From 8am-2.30pm. I go there every weekend to have breakfast and do grocery shopping.

Every Sunday it's fleamarket.

GOODIES (click), Warschauer Strasse 69
Sandra, where do you get your moose coffees? Here! They also have amazing cakes!

KARL-MARX-ALLEE (click), Karl-Marx-Allee
One of my favourite walks in Berlin. Start at Frankfurter Tor and walk to Alexanderplatz. It takes about 30-40 minutes. Especially beautiful in Winter time when it's grey, cold and bizarre.

CUPCAKE (click), Krossener Strasse 12
For all you cupcake lovers!

MICHELBERGER HOTEL (click), Warschauer Strasse 39/40
Café, bar, great lunches on weekdays, club. Love the atmosphere.

IL RITROVO (click), Gabriel-Max-Straße 2
This is where I have pizza most of the time. The staff can be pretty rude sometimes, but they won't sit down and eat at your table anyway.

HERR NILSSON (click), Wühlischstrasse 58
Swedish Pick & Mix Candy. A sweet shop full of sweetness.

DATSCHA (click), Gabriel-Max-Strasse 1
Russian place which serves great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beautiful interior.


THE BARN (click), Auguststrasse 58
Great coffee, great sandwiches, great pasteis de nata, small and beautiful place!

RSVP (click), Mulackstrasse 14
A little paper shop with the best selection of washi tapes and other goodies.

BÖTZOW PRIVAT (click), Linienstrasse 113
Beautiful bar, great for time travel and a beer.

WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD (click), Schönhauser Allee 6-7
Fun place with great cocktails and a goat cheese salad to die for. It's usually very packed, so make sure to make a reservation.

CÔ CÔ (click), Rosenthaler Strasse 2
Bánh mì, Vietnamese baguette - so amazingly delicious! Perfect bring-to-the-park-snack.

BAR REINGOLD (click), Novalisstrasse 11
Beautiful bar, I love to go there on a weekday.

CAFÉ FLEURY (click), Weinbergsweg 20
A pretty French café with yummy breakfasts and coffee.

MONSIEUR VUONG (click), Alte Schönhauser Strasse 46
Indochina food, great atmosphere, very crowded.


LUZIA (click), Oranienstrasse 34
Oranienstrasse is a narrow and lively street which I like quite a lot. Sometimes I visit Luzia for a beer, wine or coffee.

KNOFI (click), Bergmannstrasse 11
Bergmannstrasse is a very nice street, Knofi serves good delicate lunches.

PASSENGER ESPRESSO (click), Oppelner Strasse 45
One of my favourite places to go for coffee. Preferably early morning on a weekday.

A former airfield which is now a park, worth a visit!

MODULOR (click), Prinzenstrasse 85
Great, huge place for art supplies!

BELLMAN BAR (click), Reichenbergerstrasse 86
One of my favourite bars, no doubt. Great cocktails!

DAS HOTEL (click), Mariannenstrasse 26
A small and wonderful café/bar.

Names of some bars I recommend, google for more information:
* Green Door (Schöneberg)
* Stagger Lee (Schöneberg)
* Riva Bar (Mitte)
* CSA (Friedrichshain)
* Rum Trader (Wilmersdorf)
* Saphire Bar (Prenzlauer Berg)
* Buck & Breck (Mitte)
* Kosmetiksalon Babette (Mitte)
* Würgeengel (Kreuzberg)

Other recommendations, google for more information:
* A visit to Potsdam (a town outside of Berlin, with lots of castles)
* The Soviet monument in Treptower Park
* The abandoned amusement park in Plänterwald
* The Le Corbusier house close to Olympiastadion
* Victoriastadt, a very pretty small part of Lichtenberg
* The Stasi museum in Lichtenberg

The other areas in Berlin have a lot to offer too, but I had to limit myself to 4 and chose the areas I know best.
Make sure to check out Neukölln, Schöneberg, Wedding, Moabit, Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf, etc as well.

For more tips, check out my geo-tagged map on Instagram (username sandrajuto! This guide is based on my taste :) I will not be able to answer to any further questions about Berlin - they have simply become too many and that's why I made this guide. Thank you for understanding!

Enjoy your visit!

Feel free to visit my virtual tip jar if you found this information great and helpful! Thank you :)