Friday BBQ

Last Friday we celebrated my mum's vacation with a BBQ.

It was me, Johan, my sister, her boyfriend, my mum & her boyfriend.

We ate a lot, as usual.

And drank red wine, laughed and talked about important and stupid things.

Summer flowers on the kitchen table.

I can't tell you how happy I feel after the week in Sweden, I could truly enjoy it this time. Thank goodness for getting older and happier. Someone asked me what it feels like to get older and I answered Getting older is my hobby. Here's to something new!

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  1. So lovely to see your Mum and Sister engaging in laughter. I miss my dear Mum in Heaven, but I do remember the good times we shared. Those summer flowers are gorgeous. I want to now go out and pick some for my kitchen table. Love your posts. Been following you for ever, but I don't always comment.


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