Stripes for me

I made myself a pair of stripey Wrist Worms :)
The rose my Gothenburg neighbour grew me last year is still alive, the only plant that made it to Berlin (I carried it on all the flights I took in December - from Gothenburg to Luleå, from Luleå to Stockholm, from Stockholm to Copenhagen, from Copenhagen to Berlin).

Beautiful: Joy of destruction


  1. well the rose does look pretty and very green, so everything must be going ok with it! ;) i am still amazed by all the flights it had to handle!

  2. wow. hon måste verkligen älskar flygplan.

  3. dear sandra, it's been a long time since my last little package for you, and since you're living in a different city right now, i think it's time to send you another nice package for your new life over there ;)

    if it's okay for you, please write your current mailing address to me at dearoly@gmail.com !

    oh oh ! and and ! happy april !



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