Lisa, the cat, looked at me when I passed by her window this morning. Everything is white (or blue when the snow reflects the sky...). I'm going to Canon to pick up my camera. That was fast. Last time it took 2 months.


  1. oh i love that cat in the window!

  2. wow the light on the orchids and that kitty cat! pretty snow everywhere :)

  3. I'm glad that you said that about the blue cast from the snow. I once had someone tell me that I needed to fix my white balance because the snow wasn't white in my photos. I tried to explain how the snow and sky work to create strange color casts at this time of year... blue/grey from clouds, pink/purple from the little bit of sun, etc.

    Lovely shots, Sandra!

  4. Nice cat and still so much snow in Gothenburg. Lovely.


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