My studio and I are breaking up

A while ago I decided to give up my studio space. I've loved being and working here, but I need something new. And you know I like changes :)

In Swedish:
Annons för lokalen finns på Blocket. Jag kom på att det kanske finns någon av er läsare som behöver en lokal. Ska på onsdag eller torsdag välja ut max 3 personer som får gå vidare till uttagning hos hyresvärden. Observera att du måste ha registrerad firma för att få hyra lokalen och att den på inget vis får användas som bostad/övernattning.

Jag är i ateljén idag och rensar ut saker. Kommer att ställa ut en stor hög med tyger + ett skrivbord mm på gatan mellan kl 13-16 som vem som helst kan komma och göra till sina. Gratis :)


  1. Hello Sandra!

    i am curious about why you leave your studio... answer just if you feel like, (or email me if you better like to answer only to me :)

    I had a studio in the past, and i never went there... It's like there is only at home, with the vibe of my own 'cocoon' that i have fun creating... with my books and own things around me...

    Having a studio sounds nice, but in reality, it did not stimulate my creativity so much!

    xo from Paris

  2. Hoppas att ni hittar någon bra hyresgäst. Sen hoppas jag att jag hinner förbi tyghögen :)

  3. emcee > it's both what you describe plus a need of moving forward, i hate feeling like i'm standing still in one place :)

    Johanna > ja kom!!

  4. Ohh vad jag önskar att jag var i Göteborg istället för Paris!!!

  5. I do understand you soo much. I need changes too. It feels like living. Hooray:)

  6. Boo hoo, but I understand how you feel as me and my studio space broke up earlier this year. It's sad but it's something new, on the positive side :)

  7. With all the work you did to make it pretty, I'm sure the next tenant will love it! Are you thinking of getting a different space or working from home again?

  8. Samantha: i hope he/she will :) I will work from home for a while and see what happens.

  9. Have you and Johan found a new flat
    to move to? Four+ years is a long
    time to be in one place, no? :)

  10. Ah Sandra, I adore you. You are always such an inspiration. I think as artists we need to be stimulated -- and moving work space is part of that deal. I love how you are always pro-active. No matter what life throws at you.You set a good example for me. Thank you!

  11. Aa nej jag har varit borta hela dagen så jag missade det :( fan rent ut sagt.

    Jag beundrar att du vågar testa nytt, vill va mer sån!

  12. i hope you are just as creative in your new space :-D

  13. wish i had a chance to pass by tyghögen :)
    good luck with everything anyway!


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